Why the Smelly Hippie?

Our Products

  • We use only organic ingredients in our products

  • The essential oils that we use are certified therapeutic grade & third party tested

  • Our containers are either made of glass OR BPA free plastic

  • Our packaging is recyclable & Eco-Friendly

  • Our products smell AMAZING

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Our products are made here in the good ol' US of A!

All our Products are Made in NH!

Let's Recycle!

FREE SHIPPING if you choose to RECYCLE! 
Does anyone else's house look like the picture after your online deliveries show up? I'm sick of throwing away cardboard boxes and BUYING new boxes to ship out our products. Why not help SAVE THE WORLD and choose to have your Smelly Hippie products shipped in a recycled box? It may not be as pretty but you're helping the world, one shipment at a time.

We feel that we can give up some advertising to help save the planet.

"As a huge essential oils lover I just had to give these products a try. Seeing that they shipped from my home state (NH) I was even more excited for them to arrive! They all smell fabulous and feel so refreshing on my skin!"


"The lotion smells and feels amazing!  The lavender hand wash is amazing as well! Thanks! I'll definitely be buying again!"


"Love! Love! Love! The products are amazing. I got 3 balms (one of each) and a Woodstock lotion. The package arrived quickly and I loved all the special touches. Eco friendly, recycled packaging and the cutest finishing touch �
Big fan! Do yourself a favor and buy some Smelly Hippie Products. You won't be sorry!"


"I am going to be perfectly honest - as a mother, military wife and genuine lover of environmentally friendly items; I am extremely conscious of what food we eat, products we use and their impact on the environment. After using the Smelly Hippie lip balm I instantly knew it was high quality. The shea butter instantly melted and didn't leave a greasy feeling like poorer quality products I have tried. In the winter all of our lips get so dry, especially my toddlers - she loves it (I am obsessed with it) and she even puts it on by herself. I love supporting local businesses, especially when they make a better product than everyone else. Thank you Smelly Hippie for caring about my family as much as I do. I would love to know if you would make any custom lip balms?!"


"Amazing products! Mine just arrived today and I'm already in love. Thank you!!!"Big fan! Do yourself a favor and buy some Smelly Hippie Products. You won't be sorry!"

-Sarah M

"My skin is a desert, thanks to a 6-month round of Accutane. It's the first thing I've used that is not only soothing but literally makes my skin feel BETTER. I have told EVERYONE about this lotion. People see me putting it on at work and I just rave about it!! You have single-handedly made my painful skin feel a thousand times better. Even told my mom about it. I only do that with VERY special products!!"


"With two young children at home, I try to be careful with the types of products that we use in the house. I've been using the balms for about two weeks now and love them! It's nice to know that I can use the balm on my 10 year old or on my 2 year old without worrying about harsh chemicals! Looking forward to adding the hand sanitizer and foaming soaps to our collection!"


"The hand sanitizer & lip balm both smell & feel amazing. My young daughters (and husband) love them too!"